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Name:                                  :  Mouna
Email:                                  :  Mouna1987@gmail.com
Age:                                   :   28 years old
 city :                                  : Salè
 Seeking:                            : man
Country :                           : Marooc
Phone number :                : 0681511999
Facebook account :           :   https://www.facebook.com/laila.mabchour.792
Salam I am a young woman of 28 years serious bachelor I am looking for a serious responsible man aged between 30 to 40 years who allows to build a family of small inchaalah.
PLEASE this very serious announcement I am not looking for people who just want to pass the time and accept the man who talks about them and who calls after 11pm and thanks in advance

 remained for:
Hello young girl seriously veiled and well educated hamdolilah looking for a serious man for marriage the non serious abstain


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