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Looking for a young man for marriage from Morocco ta3arof,dardacha

July 7, 2017 Ta3arof
Zayed l7alal
Information about: “Warda”

Bentelhalal: Female Warda
From: / Fes
Age: 25
Marital Status: Divorced
Work: Not available
School level: Not available
Phone number: 0691551838
Facebook Account: Zmaoualradr

Who is “Warda”
Insana sadi9a wmou5lisa
Warda” continued:
Insan sadi9 wmou5lir wtayb wroumansi

Looking for a man for dating a husband Religious, Non-Smoker,,
Speak about yourself by the qualities
Simple wife, wife afraid of God, fun, as a beauty, vintage, rational, love stability, absolute