I love a husband who understands me, loves me, does not lie, loves my personality, I am active, and I love his work so that he will be able to live in the future.

Name: khadja
city : fas
Country : Morocco
Phone : After acquaintance
facebook : khadija.zoom
instagram : khadijadija94
Title the letter : I love life, I am optimistic, I am afraid of God in everything I do. I want to live a happy Qnouhp less Shi most important thing I have happiness and peace of mind only. …..
Your private information  :

I am subscribed to this site, but I am looking for a jacket and a dowry I do not want friendship and not acquaintance nor Mesyar, but a legitimate marriage I love a thousand and I am serious and I can not p A word we have a free understanding We are some prophet We know some Thank you I Mabe as well as Gad Jiji meets my guardian This is serious to me within this program because of the crackling he plays on land. …..